Halpin Financial Services is pleased to be associated with the Kain Charitable Foundation. Whilst historically we have donated funds to charitable organisations, we have a desire to involve our Partners and team in a more meaningful way. The Foundations ethos reflects our own, that everyone deserves to experience generosity. We feel that supporting an established Foundation allows us to give in the most effective way, with the resources that we have. It is our intention to build on our involvement over time and involve our team in projects where we can.

Locally, the Kain Foundation provides support for disadvantaged children in South Australia in partnership with The Smith Family, providing inspirational opportunities and guidance for their future. The foundation also supports unemployed youth in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, providing opportunities for training and employment.

Since 2009 the Foundation has sent groups of willing helpers to Uganda, where 67% of people live on less than USD$1.20 per day and 24% are trapped in absolute poverty, meaning a person does not have the minimum amount of income to meet the minimum requirements for basic living such as access to food, safe drinking water, a toilet, shelter, health and education. There are 2.1 million orphans. The need is vast and serious.

We will keep our clients updated on our activities and hope you join with us in embracing our work in the community.