Your initial consultation is at our cost and is obligation free. This meeting is all about getting to know each other, identifying your goals, working out what is important to you and determining how we can assist you. At this stage we will also explain our fees and charges and the level of advice and service you can expect in return.

Based on our discussions we will now create a tailored wealth plan that addresses your specific needs and situation. This is done through specialised research, drawing on our experience and knowledge to identify the best possible strategies for you.

We will present your wealth plan in a way that makes sense and clearly demonstrates the value of our advice. It will be easy to read and understand. At this point you will decide whether to proceed with our recommendations.

We make it a priority to guide you through the implementation of your wealth plan. We take care of all the paperwork, administrative duties and follow-ups to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our support team will notify you upon completion and are here to help with any queries you may have along the way.

Your wealth plan and financial strategies should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that your plans stay up to date as you go through the different stages of your life. We offer our clients ongoing reviews to ensure that your wealth plan is still tracking against the intended outcomes. We also review your investment strategy, portfolio performance and risk plan to ensure the advice we have provided is still appropriate for your needs.

Our financial advisers are responsive to your queries and our support team are here to address any challenges you may encounter. We also provide you with timely communications, articles and market updates.